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20 JDM Cars In Tokyo

Written by Cars of Tokyo
Cars of Tokyo Veilside RX7

A JDM list wouldn’t be complete without a Veilside Fortune RX-7.

Cars of Tokyo Toyota Celica

That widebody. That stance. That camber.

Cars of Tokyo Datsun Fairlady Z

A couple of Zees/Zeds on the Shutoko.

Cars of Tokyo Mazda MX5

What was that about this being a “girly car”?

Cars of Tokyo Subaru WRX STi S207

Limited to 400 units, this particular S207 with the NBR Challenge Package and Sunrise Yellow colour is one of 100 units.

Cars of Tokyo Nissan S15 Drift

Just things you see in Tokyo.

Cars of Tokyo Mazda RX7 Scoot

A very unusual RX-7.

Cars of Tokyo Lexus LS600h

Wide body and overfenders are a common thing these days, even on ‘bippu’ cars like this.

Cars of Tokyo Nissan Kenmeri

A Kenmeri

Cars of Tokyo Toyota Mark II

Toyota buddies parked up at Tatsumi.

Cars of Tokyo Veilside NSX

Veilside do kits for cars other than the RX-7 you know.

Cars of Tokyo Subaru Impreza WRX STi

When rally cars is life.

Cars of Tokyo Mazda RX-8

It may have a Wankel engine. It may have a Mazda badge. But it also has Ferrari 458 wheels.

Cars of Tokyo Nissan Kenmeri

Another Kenmeri!

Cars of Tokyo Datsun 240Z 432

A very rare 240Z 432. Yes, the one with the Hakosuka Skyline GT-R running gear.

Cars of Tokyo Mazda RX-7

A wingless RX-7 in blue. At Tatsumi. Bliss.

Cars of Tokyo Initial D

Any Initial D fans out there? Just a random spot in Akihabara.

Cars of Tokyo Mazda Cosmo Sport

The very beautiful Mazda 110S, or Cosmo Sport in Japan.

Cars of Tokyo Mazda FD3S

Another RX-7, but this time with a wonky number plate.

Cars of Tokyo Nissan Sileighty

A mix-n-match car with the front of a 180SX and the rear of a S13 Silvia.

Bonus video: JDM cars accelerating out of the Daikoku Parking Area.

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